Joerg Evermann

Associate Professor of Information Systems

Welcome to the site of Dr. Joerg Evermann, Associate Professor of Information Systems with the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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Dr. Evermann received his PhD in Information Systems from the University of British Columbia. Prior to being a faculty member at Memorial University, Dr. Evermann was a lecturer in Information Systems with the School of Information Management at the University of Wellington, New Zeland. Dr. Evermann's interests are in business process management, statistical research methods, and information integration. Dr. Evermann has published his research in more than 60 peer-reviewed publications. His work has appeared in high-quality journals, such as IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Organizational Research Methods, Structural Equation Modeling, Journal of the AIS, Information systems, and Information Systems Journal. Dr. Evermann has presented his work at international conferences, such as ICIS, AMCIS, CAiSE, ER, among others.


Dr. Evermann lives with his wife and his 6-year-old son in St. John's, Canada.

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Latest New and Publications

  • Jewer, J., and Evermann, J.: Enhancing Learning Outcomes through Experiential Learning: Using Open-Source Systems to Teach Enterprise Systems and Business Process Managament Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) (accepted January 29th, 2016).
  • Evermann, J. and Tate, M.: Prediction from Structural Equation Models: Assessing the predictive performance of structural equation model estimators. Journal of Business Research, (accepted January 18th, 2016).
  • Tate, M., Evermann, J. and Gable, G.: An Integrated Framework for Theories of Individual Attitudes Towards Technology Information & Management, 52, pp. 710-727.

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I have always been interested in information technology, especially as it relates to business.

I graduated from the University of Münster, Germany, in 1998 with an undergraduate degree in Information Systems. After a brief stint with KPMG Consulting, where I focused on the SAP enterprise system, I pursued graduate studies at the University of British Columbia, finishing in 2003 with a PhD in information system. After four years as a lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington, I returned to Canada in 2007 to take a position in Information Systems at Memorial University.



My current interests focus on information integration, statistical methods, and process discovery.

I am particularly interested in in cognitive aspects of information technology. I believe that the design of information systems must take into account how humans understand, use and reason about the world around them. Only when information systems perform or make decisions the same way that humans do, will they be fully accepted.


Current Projects

I am doing interesting work on Process Discvoery in the Big Data and Data Analytics area.

Process discovery is based event logs from servers, or API call logs from enterprise systems. This data is rapidly increasing in volume, and increasingly distributed, for example due to load-balancing across different nodes. I am investigating how scalable, distributed computing techniques such as Map-Reduce or BSP can best be applied to process discovery, and process mining in general.